Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm home from the hospital and doing well

Just wanted to pop on and let everyone know that I'm back home and doing good. Still in alot of pain but the surgery went well. The swelling in my stomach is the most painful and the incision for the port on the upper left side of my stomach. When I got home on Tuesday evening, I was hurting so bad that I was wishing I hadn't done it and wanting a burger and fries. lol.... I know its just the pain and discomfort and when that goes away and I start losing weight, I'll be glad that I did it.
I'll be posting next week when i see the doctor on Thursday for my first weight in since going on liquids the end of November.
Thanks again for the love, support and inspiration i have received.


FireCracker082 said...

glad you are home again, sending super well wishes and hope you are pain free soon!! You're going to be so happy when it's all over!! Hang in there GF!

kc_froglady said...

I am so happy to find your blog through FCD and I will be looking forward to your updates and progress pics. I hope the pain goes away soon and that you are able to start enjoying this life change you are on!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're going to do well. Glad you're home where you'll feel better sooner than later. Take good care of yourself & stay in touch as you can. It's all gonna be worth it all. Remember, "one day at a time"! Lots of Love & Hugs